About Us

Beautphone.com, a member of Eastar company, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end cell phone decoration accessories in China. Our flagship products are jewelry charms, rhinestone stickers, and dust plug charms. They’re available in over two thousands of designs and styles options to suit all tastes. All of our charms and stickers are made from the finest quality materials and constructed to last.

With over a billion cell phones sold annually, it is becoming more evident that cell phones are indeed an integral part of our society and daily lives as well. Blame it on human beings’ social nature or just an itch to keep up with updated technology, either way, cell phones have taken the world by storm and they are here to stay. Along with the cell phones have come cell phone accessories, a sure way of injecting your personality in to your device without spending much. Besides, when a device becomes and extension of yourself there occurs a need to enhance or rather accessorize it to match your personality, reason why cute cell phone accessories are so much popular in today’s world.

For a while, phone accessories where considered an unnecessary expense, but with the prices getting lower everyday and more designs being introduced in to the market, cell phone accessories have become a hot sell. However, these accessories are not all about sprucing up your phone’s appearance, they can also be used to create awareness of certain matters. For instance, there are phone stickers created for animal rights campaigns and some for advertising services. Just think about it, with more than a billion phone users, cell phone accessories could just be the best way to get news around affordably and fast too.

On the same line, cell phone accessories such as covers are quite vital in protecting your precious gadget from the occasional scratches and falls. The market today offers cell phone covers for everyone. A simple genuine leather cover for the business man, a flower print phone cover for the lady who loves color and even phone covers with artistic hues for the art lover.

Simply put, cute cell phone accessories do so much more than just giving a face to your cell phone.

Perhaps the best part about these cell phone accessories is the wide range of variety that fits almost all occasions. From Father’s day stickers to eco-friendly phone covers, you will always find something to match the occasion or your taste. The fact that you can also customize them adds a fun twist to it all. Reason why cute cell phone accessories are considered some of the most thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones.

From cute flower charms to classy cartoon character stickers, the varieties of cell phone accessories in the market today are just limitless. Sadly enough, the quality isn’t always the same over the board, reason why you should pay particular attention on the durability of any phone accessory before making a purchase. This means checking out the different suppliers and comparing them to get the best quality at the best price. Plus, it pays to run a background check on the seller in question what with the recent rise of cyber crime, you don’t want to end up in a financial crisis when all you wanted was a cute cell phone accessory ,now do you?

Forget about plain old cell phones, add some excitement and a little bit of ‘you’ in to your phone with cute cell phone accessories.