Angel Wing Charms

Angel wing charms are among the most inspiring phone accessory that anyone can use. Angel wing charms are usually miniature angel wings joined together in the middle, or it could be one wing in clear acrylic plastic or silver. Most angel wing charms are hung down and not designed for mounting as charm plugs since the charm design has a pointed edge. No matter the design, angel wing charms are extremely popular and unlike other charms, are suitable for personal use or as gifts for different occasions.

The Allure of Angel Wings
Angel wings are symbols of hope and faith. This is perhaps the reason why angel wing charms are very popular, no matter the material that they are made of. These charms are also very affordable especially charms made of plastic or wood.

Materials for Angel Wing Charms
Angel wing charms are either made of plastic, wood, or metal. Metal charms are either made of silver or gold. Plastic charms are often painted white or are transparent. Cheaper charms come in various colors, although charms made to look like realistic angel wings are very popular. Wooden angel wings are also very popular and they can be painted or polished to accentuate the natural grain of the wood. Our charms are embedded with natural rhinestones in single or varied colors. Most angel wing charms are small, about a dime in size.

Half-wings are very popular because not only are they small, they are also very light and not very conspicuous. You can also find novelty charms made of miniature feathers. Angel wing charms can be clustered together with other charms to create a charm bundle that adds to the uniqueness of your phone. Vintage angel charms meant for bracelets are also very popular and can be found sold in many antique shops. These can easily be turned to phone charms as well.