Cool Phone Stickers

You can make a cell phone stand out – you only need to use cool phone stickers. What’s even better is that they are inexpensive, widely available and easy to use. These embellishments are available in a wide range of designs and materials as well.

There is practically no limit to your options when it comes to styles for cool phone stickers. Themes range from the geek-cool, to the urban-cool. Anyone can go all out in geeky-ness with space themes featuring planets and galaxies, or go quirky with aliens and Doctor Who stickers. There are also that feature noir themes, particularly the low-key black and white or monochromatic visual style. Some decals feature fascinating abstract artwork, and some feature rockabilly icons as well as other counter-culture styles such as Goth and Celtic designs. There are also stickers that feature Warhol-style portraits of celebrities and politicians (the latter is popular during election season).

The most commonly used stickers for phones are the ones that are made of transparent material, although white vinyl stickers are widely used too. It’s mainly because these materials are highly versatile and they make it possible for anyone to use a lot of designs. They are also waterproof and are sure to last a long time. You can get them in square or rectangular pieces, or you could go for radius-edged designs.

Those who prefer more zing for their cell phones go for rhinestone stickers. Rhinestones add an extra sparkle to gadgets and are available in a variety of colors and styles as well. They also come in pieces that could be individually peeled off so that you can fully customize the embellishments on your cell phone.

For people who want a unique touch for their phones, there are also stickers that are made of holographic material. These stickers look spectacular especially when light hits the design. They could brighten up the look of your phone and give it that extra shine.

For a subtly glamorous design for a cell phone, 3D peel off stickers could be used too. They add a certain degree of realism to the designs. They give this embossed look to a cell phone. There are also stickers outlined with 3D designs that could be used as frames or accent pieces for the entire setup.

Some phone users like to use cool phone stickers because while they do not offer much in terms of protection, they do a good job in protecting the back cover of cell phones from scratches. They also give an amazing personal touch to the device, enabling the owner to use his gadget not just as a functional accessory, but also as a statement piece. They could also be used for laptops, tablets and gaming consoles. A lot of people also like to collect them for craft projects.

These cool phone stickers are easy to use. They give spunk to a cell phone without the need for messy glue, ink and heat guns. All you need to do is peel them off and attach them to the back of the cell phones, and you’re good to go.