Headphone Jack Charms

It is not surprising that headphone jack charms are generating quite an interest in the market. They are actually more popular in Japan and Taiwan, but they are slowly getting more recognition all over the world, including the US. They are also known as earphone dock accessories, dust caps and earphone caps. Not only do they come in a variety of designs – from quirky to fabulous; they could also be rather handy.

For Phone Protection
Headphone jack charms were designed to keep the interiors of a cell phone jack in good condition. When a headset is not in use, some particles might get into the jack and cause damage to the components, which could result to costly repairs. A plug for the headphone jack could prevent that. Now, while it does have its practical value, a lot of people actually use the jack charm not just as a dust plug but as an accessory that could instantly add character to a generic phone.

These charms are made from a variety of materials. The most commonly used is plastic; after all, this material is rather flexible and could come in various colors, which makes it usable for lots of designs and images. There are also jack plugs that are attached to plush charms. Those who prefer elegant charms usually go for rhinestones or metal though (i.e. sterling silver and bronze).

These accessories could be a fashion statement of sorts. With these charms, a phone could be more than just a phone; a person could use his gadgets to showcase his style, personality, and even his brand of humor. These charms could also be used on MP3 players and practically any gadget with the standard 3.5 mm jack. Some charms, particularly the plush kind, even double as screen cleaners. Screens usually get dirty because of greasy fingers, but the handy little plush charms attached to the dust plug could be used to clean the screen.

Accent Pieces
These charms could give a unique look to a gadget in a surprisingly subtle way. Also, note that some phones do not come with loop holes for lanyards. Owners of such phones need not feel bad about not being able to use cell phone charms on their phones; they could just get plug-in charms and instantly glam-up their gadget.

Lots of Options in Design
For the ultra-feminine woman, there are floral designs, bows and hot lips; there are also rhinestone-studded charms. For the person who can’t resist food – or anything that looks like it – there are charms in the likeness of a Starbucks Frappuccino, a Starbucks mug, ice cream, a cheeseburger, fries, as well as cupcakes and macaroons in lots of unbelievably appetizing colors. For those who are fond of cute things, there are fluffy fur balls, colorful cutesy bows, stars and hearts, and of course, figures of adorable animals. Get a load of kittens in cute positions as well as dogs, penguins, dolphins, chicks, pandas and koalas. There are, of course, Hello Kitty headphone jack charms too. To those who want their phones to be as quirky as they are, there are silly ties, as well as frogs, strange screws and even mustaches!

You could make your phone look more fun with headphone jack charms. What’s even better is that these charms are not at all expensive.