Heart Charms

Heart charms are a very popular kind of cell phone charm because they come in various sizes, designs, colors and materials. The most common charm shapes are the heart, the flower and the star. However, heart charms take the care for being cute and romantic at the same time.

Heart charms can come in various forms, from those made of pure gold or silver platings to heart charms made of cheaper metal that naturally oxidizes to a dark, antique brown. Charms like these are very popular since they give off that vintage vibe. Acrylic heart charms are often simple, heart shapes that can be of any color. Broken heart shapes, hearts with arrows across them, hearts with the name of your SO embedded inside– these are just a few of the options for heart charms. You can even opt for heart charms with fluid and small hearts floating inside.

Rhinestone hearts are flashy and glamorous. They are shiny and if you opt for real stones a charm could set you back a couple of dollars. Of course there are fake rhinestones that look just as pretty and you can take your pick from the many colors to create a heart charm according to your colors of choice.