Heart Rhinestone Stickers

Using phone stickers is a great way to personalize your cell phone and make it stylish (like those extravagant designer cell phones), without shelling out thousands of dollars in the process. They’re usually cheap, durable and easy to apply. Heart rhinestone stickers in particular, are VERY charming and feminine. These stickers look like heart shaped diamonds coupled in full size covers which both shine and protect your cell phone from scratches. They are made of plastic and can be applied on both sides of your phone for full protection. Heart rhinestone stickers feature a non permanent adhesive backing, which means that you can peel them off whenever you like!

This versatile cell phone accessory won’t damage your cell phone and will leave no sticky residue if you choose to remove it. Heart rhinestone stickers are also very thin, which means that you can use them with a whole range of other cell phone accessories on the market. They enable you to express your creativity and protect your cell phone from scratches at the same time. Heart rhinestone stickers are also eco-friendly and safe to use because they’re made of non-toxic materials. They’re quite easy to apply as well. Before you apply the sticker, you’ll need to clean your cell phone from any dust or grease (otherwise the adhesive won’t work properly).

After applying, wait for 30 minutes for the adhesive to bind the surfaces properly. If you decide to remove the sticker, do it very slowly (otherwise you might damage your cell phone). Heart rhinestone stickers are available in different patterns, shapes and colors, so you shouldn’t have any problem in finding a favorite set. Rhinestones could be combined with tiny stars, pearls and even plastic leaves. The result is a wonderful mosaic of bright and shiny “stones” which appeal to ladies around the world. If you simply prefer a touch of creativity over full size covers, you can buy a number of individual rhinestones and design your own unique pattern.